Index to exhibition concepts


Anatomiae amphiteatrum Effigie triplici

Cleopatra & Caesar

Shield model and model for a helmet

The rosary of Frederik van Eeden

Fragment of a portolan map      

Katalog frühchristlicher Textilfunde des Jahres 1886 

Marble relief             

Iconographie photographique des maladies de peau              

Coptic relief                           

Discobolus of Myron                      

Showcase mobility               

Early Medieval Period in Europe (CEMEC)

The Reve tapes of Boudewijn Büch    

Spinoza’s 'De Nagelate Schriften'                 

The Ruins of Palmyra  

Magical bowl

Death mask Otto Lanz         


Museum professionals, makers, designers, coders and more, joint the July 8 -10 MuseumCamp 2016 in the Allard Pierson Museum.Three days were spent with fellow MuseumMakers, creating a unique exhibition.

The use of digital technology within the museum holds great potential for both museum professionals and visitors. But with so many options it can be challenging to know where to start.

What technologies are available? Wich best suits your goals? What skills do you need to innovate? In this three-day pressure cooker camp, participants investigated the possibilities of technology in exhibition design and created a unique exhibition that incorporates new forms of storytelling.

The Allard Pierson Museum and the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam provided the objects, spaces and stories. MuseumCamp Amsterdam brought together a group of passionate and talented professionals, keen to learn from and with each other in various workshops and shared activities. 

MuseumCamp is inspired in part by the annual MuseumCamp run by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.

The Allard Pierson Museum is the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. It is situated at the Oude Turfmarkt 127 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The Special Collections are home to the material heritage of the University of Amsterdam.