• Register your art
    wherever it is located
    An application for mobile devices
    that saves time and resources
  • Catalogue
    your collection in a flexible
    and efficient manner
    With multiple resources for professional management
  • Manage and publish
    in a safe way
    The best option for managing and
    disseminating your collection
    on the Web
  • Protect your collection
    against illicit trafficking
    Connected with database of lost and stolen objects

What is UniqueCollection?

UC is a collections management system, that helps you to register, catalogue and show your art objects. UC is especially designed for professional handling of heritage at a fraction of the cost compared to other commercial systems. The tool is set up so flexible that it can adapt to the needs of your organisation and the type of collection when needed.

Independent Platform

Work with the equipment you have, without additional investments. It runs in a browser so on any machine Linux, Windows or Mac.

Work anywhere

All our products are integrated with a Mobile APP, saving time and resources.

Friendly and efficient

Simple interface, with a low learning curve and multiple resources for support.

Safe and reliable

We have ongoing technical support, and adopt to the highest standards of security and encryption.

Fast and secure migration

Migrate your collection from any platform, with continuous support from our team.

Work offline

Work offline and synchronize with your data in the cloud at a time that is convenient for you.

Our products

UniqueCollection (UC) is a comprehensive system that has three complementary products, with varying degrees of complexity that can be used according to your needs. The UniqueCollection product family is the best solution to protect, manage and visualize your collection.

UC App

Our mobile app allows you to record key information and photos on location and offline. Backup your collection to the cloud when connected to the internet.

UC Private

Manage your collection online. Add detailed object information, publish selected items on your web page, print catalogue and more.

UC Business

A complete professional solution to manage and visualize collections. Designed for organizations with multiple users at low additional cost per user.

Register your collection with your mobile devices

  • The mobile functionality allows basic object registration, uploading of images and merging the data with the online database.
  • Synchronize information with the cloud when connected to the Internet.
  • It's free!
  • For more options you can easily upgrade to any of our paid products.

Complete solution at a fraction of the cost

  • From a free Mobile App to a complete solution with multiple users.
  • Created by institutions committed to the protection of cultural heritage for more than a decade, designed for heritage organizations and their needs.
  • Institutions and collectors share the cost of developing this tool, which allows us to continuous develop and update professional registration forms and specialised thesauri.

Start using UniqueCollection now

Download the Mobile App for free and start protecting and visualize your collection immediately.

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