Register your collections
with the Free UC APP.

The UniqueCollection App saves time and money by facilitating efficient and fast registry and inventory of collections.
Register your objects in minutes with this unique application for collection management.

Step 1

Download the app for free on your tablet or smartphone

Available on Android and IOS

Step 2

Take photos with your mobile device

No additional equipment is needed, just your mobile device

Step 3

Fill in the basic object data

Upload data on location directly into the database

Step 4

Synchronize your data

The device will synchronize information to your database, when an internet connection is available.

Benefit the full power of UniqueCollection

The App is only part of the UniqueCollection system. Maximize registration features and visibility of your collections. Complement your mobile APP with our UC Integrated Solution or Complete Solution. Learn about the family of UC products and why it upgrades your collections.

What are the advantages of mobile UC functionalities, to collectors and institutions?

The registration of collections is hampered by the lack of specialized tools, often resulting in costly and inefficient solutions. Our mobile funcionality facilitates the registration and protection of collections, and saves time and money.

  • Our application allows the basic registration of objects in just minutes, taking photographs and entering the key information on your mobile device.
  • It is compatible with Android and IOS (Apple) It does not require special devices. The registry can even be done offline and be synchronized with the database at any chosen moment.
  • Compatibility with the UC Integrated Solution and Complete Solution, saves time and money, allowing a quick and economic process of registration, administration and visibility of collections.

Start using UniqueCollection now

Download the Mobile App for free and start protecting and visualize your collection immediately.

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