Our history

ILAM Development

In 1997, the ILAM Foundation was created, developing a technology platform 'ILAM.org', oriented to provide a number of free or low-cost services to collectors and heritage institutions, in order to address the growing need for information, communication and training within the cultural heritage environment.

ILAM always considered it vital to offer a suitable software to attack the gap around the registration and documentation of collections, as existing systems were rigid and had to be adjusted to the institutional needs, with great economic cost and a strong learning curve.


Cultural Heritage and MuseumD-System

At the ICOM Conference in Barcelona in 2001, CulturalHeritage.cc Foundation, launched the world's first Collection Management System (CMS) on the Web: a "Software-as-a-Service". The CMS was developed in concert with the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, currently the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The presented system was a digital representation of the J.P. Getty Object ID, which consists of a "basic" standard description of objects, mainly developed to stop the illicit traffic and enable proper identification. Subsequently, this system was called MuseumD-System, a digital platform for dynamic management of collections and database for galleries, art- and antique- dealers, private collectors and artists. Designed for collection management and dissemination of collections.

2011 - 2014


The Cultural Heritage Foundation of the Netherlands (CHF), communicated with ILAM, considering that it was an ideal strategic partner to further develop the Collection Management System (CMS). Several meetings culminated to the signing of an agreement between the two entities in February 2013.

Both entities began their work closely, turning their expertise in the development of a Comprehensive System for Cultural Heritage Management named "UniqueCollection". A comprehensive system for recording and cataloguing collections, fully flexible and user-friendly to any size or type of museum and collection. UniqueCollection offers the latest technologies implementing the use of mobile devices, off line work, and easy import of data from outdated systems.

2014 - 2015

Presenting our international solution

ILAM and CHF present not only a system for the cultural heritage sector to solve the backlog in registration, we also include a Central Database 'ILAM-SOS' that is linked to the systems provided. Collection items being target of theft or illicit trade are published immediately after notification of theft or loss on the 'ILAM-SOS website.

Unique Collection is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch language and meets all the requirements for proper registration and documentation.

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