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The fact that ILAM Foundation and Cultural Heritage Foundation build this program together, is what makes the difference.

Over 10 years of heritage protection are the best guarantee we offer for our products.

ILAM Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the Latin America and Caribbean heritage. Since its inception in 1997, ILAM has been providing in the region, a number of free services, or at a very low cost, in order to solve the growing need for information, communication and training in the environment.

  • It has a technology platform 'ilam.org', where a Digital Directory Museums & Parks in Latin America and the Caribbean open to the public, which includes more than 7,000 heritage institutions spread across 21 countries there region.
  • Digital Directory of Museums & Parks in Latin America and the Caribbean that comprises more than 7,000 heritage institutions spread across 21 countries in the region.
  • Virtual Documentation Center, with free access, over 700 publications and articles in Spanish, downloadable online, which is constantly increasing.
  • A Monthly Bulletin widely disseminated.
  • Ongoing training program with an annual program of 28 virtual workshops.
With the strategic alliance with CulturalHeritage.cc, tools for recording, cataloguing and management of heritage collections in Latin America and the Caribbean were created. "The intended purpose is, that while the management of cultural institutions around its heritage is strengthened, it also contributes to sustainability, allowing to continue and expand free services to Latin American museums and parks.

The CulturalHeritage.cc Foundation is a leading developer of flexible digital programs specially designed for collection management, meeting the needs of private collectors, gallery owners, or entities that are more complex, such as museums and cultural heritage organizations.

Since January 2000 the CulturalHeritage.cc Foundation developed a handsome system in concert with the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (the Dutch Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), currently the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science).

The website of CulturalHeritage (CHF) Foundation began in 2001 as a collective Collection Management System (CMS) for museums. CHF provided private accounts to cultural heritage institutions to be used on this shared platform.

Since the joint presentation at the Conference of ICOM, held in Barcelona in 2001, the system was further developed with the help of a large group of professionals worldwide, museums, private or corporate collectors, and specialists.

Subsequently, many users expressed interest in having their own applications. Since 2011 CHF develops tailor made applications to its relations.

CHF developed its collections management system called MuseumD-System, which has been distributed to various museums and galleries in Africa, the Russian Federation and some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Software architects: a winning team

CulturalHeritage.cc software architects won first prizes in the prestigious competition called "Development Tools" for three consecutive years. Software tools of Microsoft, NET, Oracle, and Ruby on Rails were compared with the CrossmarX 'STUDIO' that was judged as 'fastest development tool'

Our product is a result of the alliance between CulturalHeritage.cc and CrossmarX software development company, and selected by the jury, earning the distinction of "Development Tools" of the Year".

The website CulturalHeritage.cc serves as an international portal and platform in the museum environment.

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